Client Results

Angelica E.
Cyntia F.
Deshonna C.
Melissa W.

“It’s with great joy and excitement that I let you know I said ‘YES’ to the love of my life when he proposed to me on August 15th.

I dreamed of this day. Thanks to all of your coaching as well as strengthening my relationship with God, I was able to apply the principles I learned about self-love and magnetizing the love of my life.
I feel loved and cherished by him. I hope this inspires others on this journey not to give up. To continue investing in themselves and doing the inner work.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to soulmate love. Yay!!!!! We did it!!!!!

With so much love & light”

Yvonne C., Florida- District Manager

“I wanted to fill you both in on my exciting news. In November, Bobby proposed to me and I excitedly said yes!

I also wanted to say thank you. Being in the program has been instrumental to the woman I am today. I was able to heal through past traumas and learn to embrace my feminine radiance.

I am so grateful for Bobby. He has consistently shown up in such a healthy masculine way. I am thankful that God has blessed me with such an amazing man.

We got married this past weekend. I am forever thankful to you both!

With love and blessings”

Cristela S., police officer, California

“Johnny and Lara taught me to love where I was in the process and be kind to myself. And having the support of my soul sisters along the journey made it more than personal work, but a commitment I will forever cherish.

I am so happy to have met my guy. He treats me with respect, and when dating him I continued being amazed at how he showed up. I can’t wait to continue our lives together.

I’m 38, engaged and so happy with life’s path so far. So grateful for this life and man to share it with.

Thank you both for your invaluable lessons, guidance, & support in my journey!”

Kate C., Aesthetician, Colorado

P.S. from J&L: Kate and Brad are now happily married and have a baby boy!

“I am so grateful to you both! When I first signed up for the program, I was excited to try something new. I’d been divorced for almost 20 years, and I had screwed up good relationships. I was tired of dating.

Well, now I’m married to my dark, handsome man. We have a house now, and our dreams are coming true, thanks to your teachings and coaching! I am just in awe over the power of it all!

The two of you and my Love Warrior sisters have given me such wonderful memories I will cherish forever!

Thank you and I love you!

Fernando thanks you, too!”

Karrie D.-V., Manager, New Mexico

“Today was one of THE Days that I have been waiting for.

Today I said YES to the MAN of my life and the life of my dreams!

It could not have been more perfect!

Surrounded by the love of my friends and my Awesome Love Coaches! It was perfect!

My love, you really are more than I could have ever imagined!

What an amazing day!

I love you Mario, and look forward to growing together in our love!”

Angelica M., California, Medical Administrator

“Hey Johnny and Lara,

I wanted to thank you so much for all your support. I am happy to say that I am in love and have found the man of my dreams! He treats me like gold!!

It’s the healthiest relationship I have EVER had. We have been together over a year now, and have plans to get engaged and married!!! I wanted to say thank you for doing the work you two do!!

It’s been the best year of my life so far, and we’re having a blast together!

He is truly amazing, and I’m so excited for us to get engaged! I know he has it planned, and I have no clue!!

You are more than welcome to share this story!

Hugs to you both”

Lindsey R., Sales Manager, Tennessee

P.S. – Lindsey & Brian are now happily married!!

“After making my commitment with Johnny and Lara, I truly learned to love myself, find clarity, let go of my fears, and see that all I sought in life and love was possible. I was finally putting myself as a priority for the first time in my life and set LOVE at the top of the list.

Within a week, I began communicating with an amazing man, Adam. Both of us spoke so much about how we hadn’t experienced this type of love before, a soulmate love, knowing we were both on a different trajectory than our past paths.

I am so grateful and appreciative for the love, support and encouragement of Johnny and Lara. I believe the program was the best investment I ever made in myself and Adam agrees wholeheartedly.”

Deborah F., Librarian Administrator, California

P.S. – Deborah and Adam are now married, and Johnny and Lara officiated their wedding!

“I recently got married to the love of my life!! 💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖

We are over-the-moon super excited!

I’m also very grateful to both of you for teaching me how to truly love and take care of myself first. I still use the principles from your program to this day! They are timeless, practical principles that have literally ushered me into the life of my dreams!

Thank you so much, Johnny & Lara! Much love & honor to you both! 💖💖”

Anonymous, Teacher, Texas, USA

“I’m married to my true soulmate love!!! And my life has changed so much in every area for the better! I want to THANK YOU for being the catalyst to this change.

I really truly learned to love myself and that was the key that opened the door to my amazing life right now.

Max is completely different from all the guys I used to date. My relationship with Max feels comfortable, it feels easy, it feels adoring, it feels passionate, it feels DELICIOUS. I feel like I’m home. He is the one.

No one has ever loved me like this before. I’m in heaven and I can not thank you enough. I’m so excited for my new life with him!!!”

Andrea D.P., Real Estate, California

“O M Geeeee… I’m a testimonial?!?!

I prayed that my story would turn out this way!!

I want to tell anyone who will listen – be coachable, ladies … it will bring him faster… savour that waiting and trust that he is sooooooo worth the wait!!!

It will be better and more life changing that you can possibly imagine right now!

Thank you – a million times over – and forever!!”

Marissa A-B., Manager, Toronto, Canada

“I want to say THANK YOU for being part of my journey! I signed up for your programme just before COVID hit in 2020 and my life is forever changed as a result.

Thanks to you, I met the love of my life on August 16, 2020 – Stewart! I won’t give away all the ‘secrets’ that I learned in the programme, but all I can say is THEY WORK!! Stewie proposed to me on our one year anniversary and we just got married!

I can honestly say that I attribute this incredible shift in my life to Johnny and Lara and their life-changing programme. To anyone who is deliberating as to whether to commit to the programme or not…DO IT! You are worth it! I’m SOOOOOOO glad I did! ❤️

I love you guys and am so grateful to have met you!! Xxx”

Robyn W., Realtor, Queensland, Australia

“I am bursting with joy to share with you that Rick proposed to me on Saturday night and I accepted! ❤️ 💑

In his scientist researcher way, he researched love and created a PowerPoint collage of poems about love. He printed it and put it in a fancy box of chocolates… along with a beautiful diamond ring. When I unwrapped the packaging, the ring was hidden in the chocolate. He picked it up and asked if I would marry him.

I feel so much joy and at the same time so much peace. I am who I am today because of your love, guidance and profound teachings.

With all your help, I manifested an amazing, high quality man who is 100% committed to our thriving relationship. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

With much love, courage and radiance”

Betsy F., Financial Assistant, Connecticut

“What a journey it has been… I learned to love myself and more importantly, what that meant and how to do that. I’ve known Johnny & Lara for years now and their dedication to helping women heal and go for their best life is unparalleled.

I’m writing this from a lounge chair in Cabo beside my fiancé. We’ve had the most fun and romantic holiday trip together.

Because he is a healthy masculine man, investing in myself… journaling, self-care, pursuing my passions… only draws him closer.

Without Johnny and Lara’s guidance, I would not be sitting here with my soulmate by my side.”

Julie Y., Nurse, California

P.S. – They’re now happily married and Johnny & Lara officiated the wedding!

“Fernando and I are officially engaged! Without you, this wouldn’t have happened. I’ve been able to release past hurts and rewire my brain for healthy and meaningful relationships in my life.

My relationship with Fernando is a beautiful spiral up. We’re excited about the new trajectory our lives and relationship are on!

This was what I’ve dreamed of, prepared for, and finally manifested. I know this is just the beginning of our journey together.

I look forward to further growth and learning with you. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Much love”

Lucy M., professional, California

“Thank you, Lara and Johnny!
Ryan and I got married by a tree at the park at the end of my street! It was the most magical day I’ve had!

We’re moving into our first house together this week! We’re going to build an addition to make it more of what we want. It will be an adventure! Building something is a thing my husband has always wanted to do and I want him happy! I am truly blessed.

Thank you guys again for all the love, support, and teachings from your programs. I am so grateful for you!”

Lisa P., Physical Therapist, Michigan

“I’m happy to say that I’ve been busy with this wedding planning!

I can scarcely remember life before my sweetheart! It’s incredible to be where we are now. I am very thankful!

I’m sitting here lounging by the pool, taking a day to regroup before the busyness of wedding planning ensues. I am grateful for the foundational skills of self care I solidified while studying with you and Johnny.

These deep and rich habits have become a part of me. Much love to you!”

Ashley N-S., Teacher, Nevada

“At your course I set an intention that the man of my dreams would propose to me on a certain date, though I didn’t yet know who my soulmate was… and it ACTUALLY happened… on the exact day I had predicted!

Through the course of our work together you helped me to see that I was fundamentally untrusting in relationships.

With your help, I started to open up, and eventually, I started looking differently at a friend of mine who had already been proposing to me for the past 9 years. I saw that he is perfect for me. So we started dating nearly a year ago.

Last Saturday, on the day I predicted years earlier, he proposed for real, and I accepted. Now is that magic or what?”

Justina P., Dentist, California

“This was a growth-producing journey. There are so many truths and new perspectives that I now live out in my daily life.

I began dating a wonderful man a month before I completed the program, and we were married in December 2015. I’m so grateful to be on this new life journey with him! Johnny & Lara’s program really helped me focus on loving myself first, and I regularly refer to and apply learnings from this program in all aspects of my life.

I highly recommend this program to any woman who is ready to invest in herself, create a higher quality of life, and build healthy relationships based on life-giving principles and authenticity.”

Deann R., Educator, California

Alexandra T., Business Owner, Washington

P.S. – Alexandra and Martin got married and Johnny & Lara attended their beautiful wedding!
Marina, Business owner, California
Megan K., Sales, Ohio

“I married my soulmate! I totally and wholeheartedly endorse your programs, to the women who wish to step up and take their lives to a higher plane of spiritual existence.

I gleaned courage and hope during the program. You gave me tools and principles that I can use over and over, no matter what occurs.

I am eternally grateful to you both, and your wonderful team, for all the belief you instilled in us for what’s possible, and the love you gave us when we felt defeated.

Thanks again for your love and support.

In gratitude”

Juliana N., Medical Doctor, Georgia

“I’ve been wanting to write for months now to thank you for the tremendous impact that your programs have had on my life.

Aaron is the Soulmate that I asked and prayed for. He is kind and respectful of my boundaries. He is wonderful with my daughter…. He courted me by writing me love poems, and sending me love songs, and bringing me flowers just because.

I never fully believed that I would have this kind of love or relationship. But the Universe delivered him to me and I am so thankful.

Thank you so much for getting me ready to accept, experience and welcome my Soulmate into my life. I am so grateful!

With so much love and gratitude”

Deborah V., Doctor of Chiropractic, California

“Thank you, Johnny and Lara, for believing in me and guiding me on my journey to my soulmate. The program strengthened me and helped me stay on course and keep the faith. Having a mentor really helps– and not just any mentor, but someone who is with their soulmate.

Johnny and Lara bring a perspective and depth that is uncommon because they have undertaken the journey to each other and bask in soulmate love every day.

Now I am married to my soulmate. And I can say with certainty, soulmate love is possible – it is a matter of commitment and a willingness to be uncomfortable.

If you are looking for that ONE special relationship with your soulmate and not just any relationship, this program is a must.”

Vinima A., Marketing, California

“When I joined Johnny and Lara’s program, I learned to be me. Johnny and Lara are amazing, experienced coaches and helped me get through my fears and sometimes downright hopelessness.

I’m now living the life I always wanted to have. I’m married to my soulmate, we’re expecting a son, and we live in a little cottage surrounded by trees. He is the man of my dreams, a good man, that I deeply respect and admire. He is my best friend, and I love him with all my heart.

My dreams came true at an incredible speed! I am forever grateful.”

Xenia G., Business owner, Washington

“I am beyond grateful for Johnny and Lara. Their programs transformed my entire life and are hands down the best decision, and investment of time, energy and money, that I ever made.

I spent decades on therapy, counseling and self help books, but the core belief I had that I wasn’t enough never shifted. Johnny and Lara’s programs are the first time EVER that I shifted that belief! And not just a little, but a complete 180, permanent shift.

Their lessons changed my core belief to I am worthy, whole and complete just as I am, I am lovable and I am a badass! And best of all, following their coaching led me to the man of my dreams!

I have never been this happy and I will always be forever grateful. I cannot recommend their programs enough, they will truly change your life for the best.”

Alison C., Teacher, California

“Johnny and Lara’s programs have been the one thing that has had the most profound impact on my entire life! I am living the life of my dreams with the man of my dreams and our so-longed-for children.

With the support of Johnny and Lara as my love and life mentors and the other women in the program by my side who had always seen me at my highest self, it was so much easier to practice change and accelerate the transformation process.

Since then I found my soulmate – we got married (Lara and Johnny officiated the wedding), bought a home, and it is so amazing to witness how our lives just keep getting better and better.

Thank you, Johnny and Lara!”

Gaby W.-F., Architect and Design Manager, California

“Dear Lara and Johnny, this is a testimony for what has become of my life since doing your life changing program.

Before studying with you both, I spent my adult life in and out of the same types of unfulfilling relationships over and over. Finally I was fed up and accepted that my way wasn’t working. I didn’t think twice about signing up for your advanced program.

That was one of the best and most important investments of my life. I attracted the love of my life Jonathan, had the highest earnings in my business, gained lifelong Love Warrior sisters, and most importantly, I truly learned how to love and value myself at such an extraordinary way that I am who I’ve always wanted to be: the best version of me that keeps getting better 🙂

We will be getting married this coming October. We are super blessed that you and Johnny will be officiating our special day!

We are forever grateful for what you have done and continue to do to support living our dream! Love you both dearly! Xoxo”

Nancy L., Doctor of Chiropractic, California
P.S. – Johnny & Lara officiated Nancy + Jonathan’s incredible wedding!!

“In their program, Lara and Johnny challenged me to ask myself the question,

‘If I think all men are liars/cheaters/assholes/insert other pejorative term here, then why do I even want to be with one?’

I realized I had to do a complete 180 on how I saw men in the world in order to attract the right man for me.

Now I see the good in men everyday, all day long – and I am getting married to a good man next week 🙂

Thank you!”

Belinda K., FRC Head Coach, NYC

P.S. – Belinda & Jon are now happily married and Belinda is now our amazing Head Coach!!

“Working with Johnny & Lara gave me the courage to dream and find my strength to persevere in finding the love that I wanted. I am now happily married to the man of my dreams and I am so grateful for the love I have in my life.”

Amber H., Nurse, Washington

“This note of gratitude is long overdue. Thank you for all the love and support you have given me over the years.

For extending me confidence and self love when I couldn’t muster it for myself.

With your coaching and fierce love, I have created a beautiful, soulful relationship with a kind and generous man. Our connection and intimacy have grown and deepened in the past several years together…. He is the one!

I feel blessed to have Ed as my partner and friend and thank you for never giving up on me. We are getting married this year (lockdowns prevented our wedding!).

Thank you for being my mentors!”

Andrea L., Chief of Staff at a State University, California

“He asked, and I said YES! Tree and I are getting married @ SF City Hall on June 20th.

All the coaching I had with you helped to manifest a house that we built together, a new job and my very own family. It has been such a journey!

Without the coaching from you both, I know I wouldn’t be about to marry the man of dreams.

Lots of Love and Big Hugs”

Cindy D-P., Human Resources Manager, Arizona

“I’ve done a lot of personal development work over the years, but studying with Johnny and Lara has, by far, yielded the most amazing results.

I learned a whole new level about what it means to love myself and love others. I learned how to fully prioritize myself and my marriage; we are thriving!

The teachings, tools, principles, coaching and supportive community in the program are priceless and instrumental in moving my life forward.

I’ve been loved and supported in so many ways and on so many levels!

Thank you Johnny and Lara and the whole Love Warrior community!”

LP, Healthcare Administrator, New England

“Studying with Johnny and Lara has helped me to come out of my shell so much and move towards living my dreams now!

The magic and miracles have become part of my daily life and come more quickly. Thanks to some tough-love coaching from Lara, my life is changing and more joyous.

My sweetheart and I are enjoying each other’s company and planning our next chapter! I’m looking forward to this next year and what will be!!! What awesome teachings will be introduced into my life? What good times will I be blessed to share with my Love Warrior Sisters?

Johnny and Lara, thank you!

Blessings & Love”

Karin G., Project Manager, California

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