Looking for your soulmate but continuing to attract the wrong guys for you?

Looking for your soulmate but continuing to attract the wrong guys for you?

Before we were love coaches and mentors, we were just another couple madly in love with each other.

Before we started coaching women to intentionally date and find their husbands, I was a chiropractor with a successful holistic wellness center in Oakland, CA. And Johnny was a former attorney-turned-high school teacher and administrator who was about to start his own charter high school.

All of that was powerful, important work, but my patients started asking me tough questions about how did I find such an amazing man?

When I told them that it was an intentional path, their interests were sparked… and they started asking me question after question about how to find a quality man.

In other words, how to date for soulmate love.

How to date with the end in mind: a happy, thriving marriage that lasts forever.

Now, I loved my work as a chiropractor and holistic wellness practitioner. Johnny loved his work as a teacher/curriculum builder and administrator.

But my patients had so. many. questions. for me and Johnny.

So we did a little workshop at my chiropractic office in 2005, thinking it would be a one-off and that would be that.

Little did we know, that would start a movement that would dramatically change the direction of our lives and impact thousands of women, their soulmates, and children and future children.

My patients and close girlfriends came to us for dating advice.
They started meeting their Mr. Rights, getting married and creating families!

We launched our first live seminars in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area where we lived at the time.

After overwhelming demand, we knew it was time to sell the chiropractic office/quit the building of the charter school and focus entirely on this.

And we haven’t looked back.

17 years later, we’re now the creator of programs that change lives for marriage-minded, professional single women who don’t want to be anymore. Women who aren’t afraid to admit that this area of life is a top priority in their lives!

And the results just keep pouring in.

If you would have told us over 20 years ago when we first met that we’d become holistic love and life coaches, we would have laughed out loud. We never expected our mission to catch like wildfire and spread across the globe.


It turns out that being a holistic chiropractor and being a love coach has more in common than you might think.

And Johnny went from being a lawyer to being a teacher, to being a love coach who teaches.

An important part of our holistic coaching journey was realizing that we hadn’t abandoned our former professions entirely.

We are still dedicated professionals, and part of being a good teacher, lawyer, and chiropractor is sharing expert advice with clients who are hungry for change. 

Caring about, and listening comes first.

Listening, sharing, and making an impact is what we’re still all about — except we’re now using our advanced programs instead of a chiropractic adjustment or a whiteboard in a school. Same message. New medium.

We’re obsessed with equipping and empowering women to experience what’s possible and live their best lives.

We’re passionate about helping women have it all: live the life of their dreams with their soulmates by their sides.

We love that the women who work with us become what we call Love Warriors – women who step into being the woman who they’ve always wanted to be.

They are admired by those around them for being that woman who seems to have it all. Because they do.

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being authentic.

Authentically happy, at ease, and in charge of her life.

Being a Love Warrior is an identity that ALL women can claim. It’s within us all… it’s usually just hidden under a little, or a lot, of self-doubt and worry.
This Love Warrior movement chose us.

And we’re honored and excited to lead it, be a part of it, and to share it with every woman who wants to claim a better life for herself, her children, and those around her.


We’re currently living a bicontinental life in Copenhagen, Denmark and Scottsdale, Arizona in the US with our daughter Isabelle and our canine companion Bean, and loving it!

And we feel blessed and grateful to be here and to share this mission with you!

Masterclass For Single Professional Women

If you feel like time is running out and you don’t want to live the rest of your life “alone”… then we warmly invite you to watch our masterclass. You’ll discover a clear path to attracting your “Mr. Right”.


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